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The first thing that comes to my mind when praying, thinking, and begging for His guidance comes to mind is: Why here, and Why now? Lets look a little more closely:

We are in the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ.

While crime has stabilized, a Phoenix Police officer told me last week that this area is   considered the “wild west.” 

2017 is not the most friendly time in history to any Christian that preaches something different than the “feel good” watered down gospel of today.

In 24 years of planting all over the Northern, Central, and Southern Americas - Casa De Oracion is sending us to plant the first ever English church.

This community is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-language and it is time that the church is too. Our goal is to simply be obedient to Him and His calling, love Him and by loving others we are fulfilling His greatest command - to love God and love others.


This plan will hopefully answer the most common and basic questions about the House of Prayer Church plant. This is not a decision that was made ad-hoc or on the spur of the moment.

This has had approximately one year in prayer, thought, discussion, and more prayer.

We have to walk the delicate line with the Sword of God close to our hearts, this opportunity is an eternal race for those all around us; wherever we are - namely the area around this church body. 

I hope and pray daily that you are ready to join me in the mission that He has called us to and where He has called us too...In Jesus magnificent, beautiful, and powerful name I pray


Pastor AG

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